Monday, February 13, 2012

Euro Drawer Slide Mounting

If a full extension slide is not required, the Euro slide at less than half the cost can be used. The discussion here assumes the use of side mounted Euro drawer slides, not bottom corner slides. Because we are using side mounts, the full extension drawer slide method can be used with two exceptions:
  1. On the Euro slide the screw holes in drawer part are 5/32 lower than the holes in the cabinet part where the screw holes in the full extension ball bearing slide are aligned. Check it out.
  2. The Euro slides are not full extension, so the drawer depth is about 4" shorter than the slide length unless part of the drawer remaining in the cabinet is acceptable. In the picture below, the drawer is 16" deep using 18" slides.
 For a full discussion of drawer mounting see the post on full extension slide; however, below find pictures of drawers mounted with Euro slides. In these pictures the slide is mounted on the drawer at approximately 3/4 of nominal draw height which for the 4" drawer is 3" and 5 1/8" drawer 4". On the drawer an additional 1/8" ( 5/32") must be added to adjust for screw hole vertical alignment. The cabinet slides are at the following positions measured from the top of the opening where the drawers are 4" and 5 1/8" in height.
  1. Top Drawer: 1/4" + 3" = 3 1/4"
  2. Second Drawer:  1/4" + 4" + 3/8" + 4" = 8 5/8"
For the slide positions on the drawers:
  1. Top: 3 1/8" from top of drawer
  2. Second: 4 1/8"
where the 1/8" (5/32") compensates for the hole alignment.

One more note, when mounting the slides in the cabinet, use one screw at the back and one screw in the vertical slot in the front of the slide to allow for final adjustment. When you finally get to the point of mounting the fronts to the drawers and aligning the seams around the drawers one or both of the cabinet slides may need to be moved up or down a little to even the horizontal seams.

Front view

With drawer at full extension. 20" slides with 18" drawer

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