Sunday, April 8, 2012

Simple Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Flat Panel Shop CabinetDoors

Most of my shop cabinets have been finished and now it is time to make doors. As with the other shop projects in this blog, Kreg pocket screws will be used. The method used is very similar to making cabinet frames as shown on the Kreg website. The process is to cut 2 1/4" rails and stiles from 3/4" poplar plank and then, using the table saw, cut a 0.22" groove length wise on one edge of the stile and rail.

Step by Step:

  1. Cut poplar plank into 2 1/4" widths for stiles and rails
  2. Cut stiles and rails roughly to length
  3. Cut a 1/4" deep by 0.22" groove in one edge of the stiles and rails
  4. Cut stiles to exact length
  5. Clamp stiles on bench to exact door width and measure rail length
  6. Cut rails to length
  7. Use Kreg fixture to drill pocket holes in rails
  8. Assemble one rail onto stiles as shown. Use glue and screws.
  9. Clamp other rail in place and round over front inner edge
  10. Cut and insert flat panel
  11. Attach other rail
  12. Sand all surfaces
  13. Round over all outer edges
  14. Drill holes for hinges
  15. Hand sand door and use Sealcoat
  16. Add two coats of water based urethane
  17. Mount hinges on door and cabinet
  18. Mount door 
  1. Cutting groove: Position tables saw blade and fence, so that when a stile is run through blade in both direction ( flip the stile around ), the groove is cut to correct width and depth. You will need wood scrapes.

Table saw set up to cut groove.

Stiles clamped to bench to measure rail length.

Attaching bottom rail.

Rounding over front inside edge with top rail clamped in place.

Inserting flat panel.

Attaching top rail.

Round over outside edge.

Locate hinges with centering scale 11" from center, i.e., 22" separation.

35mm Forstner bit positioning jig. 

Drilling hinge hole using drill press table with fence.

Using jig to drill hinge mounting holes.

Hinge mounted

Using jig to drill cabinet hinge mounting holes.

Mounting door. and done.

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